Friday, March 21, 2008


You would think that I could get one day's worth of adventure posted at the end of said day wouldn't you??? Not me....I'm entirely too wordy or entirely too tired after driving all day! LOL
If you're just joining me on this cross country adventure then you might want to start with the post just before this one - that'll get you in the car as we started the drive and catch you up - then you'll be ready for this post:).
Isn't this fun?

The picture above is the promised picture of the treasures I bought at that wonderful honkin' antique/junk store in MENDON, Louisianna. I wish I could have taken a picture of the owner, oh, I'm sure she would have loved it; the truth is that I forgot to take my camera in the store with me! She was a real character - I do plan on going back on my way home and I'll just bet I can get a picture of her then.
Okay, the pic above is a close-up of the wee bitty silver tray and aged paper. I'm going to alter the tray into something wonderful - I'll let you see it if it works:) and the aged notepaper I'm going to use in a journal I want to make.
Oh, my gosh, I love this pendant! She wanted 60 dollars for it - oh, please. She had the most ridiculous prices on her things - I had to negotiate for everything I bought! Anyhoo, I got it for fifteen dollars - much better, huh! The chain is great and the pendant is fabulous! I also got the pen nibs for seven instead of the THIRTY DOLLARS she wanted! Who are these people - these junk dealers??? LOL
The baby doll - oh, my gosh, I love her. It looks like a family pet had his way with one of her hands but her eyes open and close and I thought that was so cool! I don't have a clue what I'm going to do with her but I'm thinking I might take her head off and use it on this metal piece that could be the mom thought that sounded like a great idea - NOT! hahaha
She had these bunch of flowers in a basket in front of the store with a bunch of other junk and I thought they were perfect! Faded, weathered - they look fabulous!
I love this calendar! The flowers on the monthly pages are beautiful.
I think once I get a coat of paint, pale pink or natural white, on these darlings, some mirror cut to fit and a velvet ribbon they will look mahvelous!
Okay, I'm going to end this post and do another post so the pictures will be in the right order {I'm not real good at this posting thing} and tell you BRIEFLY about today mostly through pictures that I think are really cool.....I'm going to start the post with a picture of my mother's baby *her sixth child, a Maltese* so come on, let's go to post #3 of the Great Backroads Adventure!
xoxo, Jan


Daisys Little Cottage said...

Great finds which Im certain will soon be great art. I just love it when Ive had a fruitful day of searching for junk, trash and leftovers!
Have a blessed holiday weekend,

Altered Kat said...

Happy Easter Jan!


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