Sunday, March 23, 2008


Have I mentioned that I adore old buildings, doors and windows? LOL. Here's another warehouse in Tennessee - I had to do a U-ey...............
Here's a wide pic of the building showing you more than just the door. That's a great door though.
Okay, these next three pictures are a SCREAM! I took the pictures out of my front windshield while driving - that's why it took three tries just to get the last picture. I couldn't pass it up - I call this series of photos "Only in Kentucky". *No anonymous comments please - I'm just havin' fun and we happened to be in Kentucky*

We hit Indiana *the longest up and down state in the world* and the only thing we saw worth doing a U-ey for was some Amish buggies. B-O-R-I-N-G day on the road and that doesn't usually happen!

Check it out..................look below.............what do you see??????????????
WOOHOO!!! We made it to Kalamazoo and look what was waiting for me.............SNOW and lots of it!! I am so excited - oh, my gosh, I love the snow and I miss it so much every winter. In south Texas we call rain "snow" in January - that's as close as we usually get! LOL

So glad to be here in the town I went to 5th grade - 12th grade - the town I was raised in! I love it here!

Tomorrow I go to a lab in K. to have my PT done and then I'm leaving for my sister, Joan's, in Angola, Indiana. I'm going to drive through a bunch of little towns and plan on stopping and finding TREASURES! I'm excited!! And, of course, I'll take you along with me.

Hope you're enjoying the trip! xoxo, Jan


Jen Glover said...

Thank you for sharing those photos! Beautiful! So wonderful to see the horse and buggy. I've never seen anything like that. :)

Jen Glover said...

Oh! P.S. My parents used to live in Kerrville. Is that close to you? I think it's the prettiest part of Texas! Take care!

carylsrealm said...

Jan your photos are fabulous! I love them! And I love poor little sweet Baxter. :o)
PS, love your blog banner!


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