Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My sister, Joan, and my niece, Carly, and I left this morning and drove over the state line into Ohio to see what we could find in the way of junk/antique stores. We had no agenda in mind - just driving the country roads into the little towns looking for junk and photo ops.....we were not disappointed.
First photo op was this fence. I just liked the lines.
An old shed and bicycle propped against the front of it.
Great barn with lots of small windows and a green roof - isn't it great?
We stopped for lunch at a diner in Bryan, Ohio, called Lester's. We all had cheeseburgers and {diet} cokes and it was wonderful. Don't you love their corner sign?
Oh, yeah, the regulars were there!
We saw this amazing brick building in Stryker, Ohio. Don't miss the balcony under the third window to the right which is the center window and is above the front door. Isn't it great?
There was this "antique and old stuff" store in Stryker that had the most amazing pieces! Oh, my gosh, we were so excited and spent about an hour walking around picking up pieces saying, "Oh, a dollar; I need this....oh, TWO DOLLARS! I need this..." LOL! We had such a good time shopping in this sweet store!I adored this lamp - and check out the shade! I don't need this lamp, I have a houseful of wonderful lamps, however, the price made it impossible for me NOT to buy it! LOL! I plan on putting it in the master bath - it will look mah-velous!
I thought that these (2) plates would be so lovely to serve dinner on when just Frankie and I are at home - they were a dollar apiece - can you believe that? Her prices were amazing - that's why I ended up spending 23 dollars and my sister spent 34 dollars!
A wonderul smaller platter and serving bowl that I will use when it's just Frank the Tank and me eating dinner after Clayman leaves for college.We hit this next antique "store" en-route to somewhere in Ohio!
Here's the stash I bought in this lady's "garage antique store" - what a hoot. She had her double garage completely packed with all kinds of stuff - lots of glass things - and when you walked into the garage some kind of bell went off and she came into the garage from the house! She was really nice and we had such a good time looking at all of her "stuff".
Fabulous rhinestone jewelry at the BEST prices, old skeleton keys, wee flash cards {some will be listed in my Etsy store after I get back home}, part of a doll and a doll hat.
Five salad plates that I fell in love with - here's a pic of one of them, a wee wedding couple - love them, and a great doll in a satin dress.Wonderful doll parts.
Okay, they're a bit creepy but wonderful just the same, don't you think?
Those are our photo ops, our lunch and our great finds! We had such a good time finding wonderful stores and one loser store where the lady was real proud of her junk - I've never understood pricing junk like that - it's junk for goodness sakes! LOL

Thanks for coming along! Loved having you - be sure and leave a comment so I'll know you were here!
xoxo, Jan


Blaiz said...

Your descriptions are so detailed that I'm coughing up dust! Thanks for sharing.

Tina said...

What great stuff!! Can't wait to see what else you drag home! That photo with the building w/green roof is super cool, looks tinted..Be safe!!

kecia said...

awesome junking! so glad you are having a nice time with your family!

SweetAnnee said...

what a fun trip!!

Melinda said...

will you go back and get that gorgeous plate with the hand painted flower ring for me? if you love me you will. oh, and hope that burger was nice and moist.

cindy said...

Looks like you are having a blast! Love the photo's too!



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