Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hi, y'all! Oh, I'm so excited! Yesterday my mother and I drove up to Belton to take my 21 year old precious boy to lunch for his birthday and on the way home we hit two junk/antique/gifty places. Oh, mama, I haven't been in a decent junk/antique/gifty place in so long! It was wonderful!! ........Look what I found.........
Oh, don't you just love these dark red velvet roses? I use them to make birdnests and was so excited that my little store in Llano hadn't sold the ones I left behind a few weeks ago......I bought them all! And the little chocolate fairy card - oh, so precious!
I found the most amazing large chenille bedspread with only a couple of torn places that I'll mend - FIFTEEN DOLLARS. Oh, my gosh! And NO stains:) Can't you just see me cuddled under it answering your emails???
Now,right here is the entire pile of stuff I found all laid out on the chenille bedspread! .....The flash cards - I was just thinking about flash cards the other day - and the vintage metal pieces and wee bitty pin cushion and heart pin...cute, cute, cute!! Oh, and the cast iron bird! LOVE her!
Oh, this bag of WONDERFUL sewing notions! Wee thin rick rack in wonderful colors! an all kinds of lace and great "stuff"! $12.00 - oh, yeah, baby!
And, last but not least, this beautiful wee bitty tea cup and saucer that I'm going to make into a bird's nest! So precious!!

I'll tell y'all, there's just something wonderful about finding good "stuff"! Woohoo!!



Tina said...

WOOHOO, YeeHAW and a HIGH 5 to you gal! what wonderful finds! can't wait to see what you make it all into!

Nicole Austin said...

What great finds! I love the tea cup...that has become a new interest (read: "obsession") of mine! :) I love seeing what others find. I was actually inspired by art blogs to go on my own "stuff" hunt! :) Thanks for the great eye candy.


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