Friday, November 9, 2007

and a surprise guest....

This weekend is my church's annual Buttons and Bows Christmas Bazaar. It was started oh, I think about six years ago; maybe five. Anyway, it's two days only and in those two days, get this, our lady's church bazaar NETS $20,000.00. Can you believe that?
Well, it doesn't just happen......the ladies of the church work from the week after one bazaar until the next one to get everything done to have such success.
And what do they do with the money they raise??
They give it to the church.......the last four or five years it's all gone into the building fund for the new church we built 1 1/2 years ago.
These are amazing women who are dedicated to the furtherance of God's kingdom by doing what they can do, whether it's sew, glue, cut, sell, set up, tear down, bake, sort....there's a job for any and everyone who wants to serve in this way.
And let me tell you something....I'm sure they would all agree that THEY are the ones blessed through this ministry!
I did my part this year by's one of my gifts and I try to be obedient!
Look at this rag purse I bought - it screamed my name and was only $18.00.
I know, EIGHTEEN DOLLARS! What a steal!
Old quilts, handmade teddy bears, jams, jellies, pickles...............
A beautiful harvest box!
A handmade quilted turkey atop a beautiful pumpkin box.

And now for your reading enjoyment.......
Let me introduce you to my special I'm not dissing this wonderful older woman below, in fact, what I really wanted to do instead of sneaking a picture of her to show you was to wrestle her to the ground and claim those dangling earbobs from her ears as my own!
Now, I used a zoom to capture her earbobs but am really afraid she might have caught on to the fact that I was taking her picture and not a picture of the only display near her - the Belly Button Fuzz Buster pipecleaners (don't ask). I just acted non-chalant, adjusted the "press" card on my hat and acted like those BBFB's were worthy of front page coverage.
But I had to take her picture! She sparkled from her hair (I swear, I think she has her hair dresser put glitter in her do!), to her specs, to her earrings. And I'm sure that under that scowl is a GREAT BIG sparkle!!! I think she's precious!


Heidi ( said...

OL, I can't believe you took her photo...someday the young'ins will be doing that to us, you know... LOL... When they do I'm going to smile!

Glad you did your part...the spending part!

kecia said...

she ROCKS!!! and that is totally a sparkling devilish grin if i ever saw one (versus the "suspected" scowl)

love your rag purse - great deal. what a cute bazaar and that's awesome it raised so much - wow!

Carol Stocker said...

I am laughing so hard! This photo and how you came about getting it totally cracked me up! Good one Jan! Hugs, Carol


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