Friday, November 23, 2007


I told you yesterday in my post "P.S." about Skyler, but I didn't have a picture of her to go with my post......soooooooooo, here you go!
Skyler!! My other "little girl" sitting in my bedroom holding our dog, Gracie, who happens to ADORE her!

Skyler is so good with animals and all of our dogs absolutely love to see her coming because they know their tummies are going to get a good rub!

Enough about Skyler.
Let's talk about me.
This is my baby, Ben.
He's my dog.
We have three dogs here at the ranch and the way we are, we could have four tomorrow.
We will take in just about any stray but no matter how many dogs we have, Ben will always be mine.
I love dogs! I love all three of our pups, but Ben is very special to me.
I got him from the Humane Society a year ago. He was bigger than I thought I would ever pick, but I fell in love with him when I first saw him.
He's an older dog, I would guess about 12 years old, has had heart worms twice (before we took him) and had been adopted and brought back twice because he was "over-aggressive".
None of that deterred me - I even thought that the over-aggressiveness might be a really good thing since the two dogs we already owned were both yip-yips.

Ben has made a delightful addition to our family!
He is a wee bit aggressive with strangers and I think that' just fine!
He's my protector!! He follows me everywhere I go when I'm home....I leave one room and walk into another, he gets his fat self up and follows me into the next room without even waiting to see if I'm coming back!
When I'm working in the studio he lays right under foot...though he's in constant motion because he has yet to figure out that my chair is on rollers and I am all over the place when I work!

I adore Ben and am so happy that we were able to give an otherwise *maybe* unadoptable dog a home. He's not just my protector, he's my buddy and HE IS A TOTAL BLESSING!


Eccentricities Studio said...

Awwwwww .... what a SWEET boy Ben is ... and you're both so lucky to have each other. I'm a softy, too ... (in case you haven't figured that out yet, LOLOL) and I love all my critters. We've rescued before and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. :)

Hey ... I finally actually MADE something! WHOOP WHOOP! It's been a LONG time. :) I posted a couple of pics on my blog.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving ... if you make it up this way, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you!!!!!


barbara burkard said...

you and ben are one soul! i can tell! big hugz

Mija said...

Oh, Ben's a big lovey! what a cutie pie and sweet friend he is... and so's his mama :-D

hi Barb! i see you found Jan, Yay! she's a darling and very funny lady.


sandra f. said...

I think rescue dogs are the best...almost like they feel forever grateful for the loving home. We have Vegas that we adopted this summer and he is just a cutie. Ben is a beautiful dog and amazing that he has had heartworms twice and survived and lived a long life!!! Here's to many more happy years Ben and Jan!!-Sandra


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