Friday, November 9, 2007


I am so excited about today's "blessing" post that I am staying up late to make sure I get it posted today, the day it's due! (I was sorely tempted to post it early tomorrow morning instead of tonight! LOL)
But it's too important to put off and I'm too excited to tell you about what blesses me today!!

Last Sunday I was told about a soldier, a Marine, overseas, that is not receiving anything from home. No letters, no care packages, no attention, no show of love or support.

I know that there must be many soldiers that don't receive support from home but this particular soldier is someone whom's name God has given me. And since I know his name, I'm going to adopt him! My husband and I are taking him under our wing and that's what blesses me today!!
It blesses me that God has put this Marine in my path
to pray for specifically, to write to, send packages to, to bake for (guess I'll have to get some guidelines for that, huh. Can anyone out there help me with that??)

And here's where it gets even better!!!.....
Do you want to help me? Do you have a Sunday School class, club, group of friends, family, YOU....that would like to help bless this Marine AND HIS COMPANY??? Think of what we could do if we all joined together and reached out to this one Marine and the men and women he serves with?? OMG, SUCH BLESSINGS!!

If you're interested in being a part of this blessing, email me at and I'll hook you up with his address and any information I get on how to best bless him.
Any way that you want to help would be fabulous!
You can help me with care packages, write letters, join the prayer list, do your own thing from your own corner of the world..........oh, heck, email me and we'll talk about it!!!!!!!!!!

WOOHOO!!! God strikes again! More blessings!!


kecia said...

oh, you are so sweet. that makes me sad that he's not getting any email. of course i'd love to send him some Jersey girl support!

Tina said...

That is wonderful Jan, to be adopting this soldier! you would not believe how many do not receive ANYTHING from their home's really sad..I'm so blessed to have friends like you to do this for those fellows/gals over there serving our country!!

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

Thanks for the support, jja and tina! Do you want me to send you his name and address or do you want to go through me (at least with your first letter??)for a first time care package.
then we could each do our own thing in our own little corner...
let me know what you think! jan


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