Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This is going to be fast! I have to leave in minutes for my youngest son's basketball game but must get this posted before I go - I know that by the time I get home from the game I'm going to want to go straight to my bedroom.............so, quickly...........today's blessing..............

I'm talking about my "art friends"!
And they're everywhere!
They're on blogs.
They're on Etsy.
They're at retreats.
They're in swaps.
They're in daily, weekly and monthly emails.
And they "get me"!

None of them live locally! My friends that live locally look at my work, nod their head and mumble, "mmmmhmmmm....". LOL
My art friends meet me where I am - creatively, artistically, emotionally.
I feel such a connection with each of you even if it's been weeks since we've "talked".....it doesn't matter......we just jump right back into the middle of the current puddle of paint and go from there.

I want to name you....those of you that mean so much to me.
I want you to see your name on my blog but am so afraid I'll forget someone because I'm old.
So I won't set myself up for embarrassment or anonymous comments and I'll simply say, "you know who you are"....

....you're the one that makes me smile when I see your name on a blog comment or better yet, an email!
....you're the one whom I share a very special connection with because we both love and worship the same God who connects us through our gift of art.
....you're the one that makes an effort to keep up with me through my blog posts and takes the time to leave a comment so I'll know that you were here!
....you're the one that I count as a dear friend and I've never even seen your face!
....you're the one that if I answered a knock at my door and it was you, I would be so excited that I'd probably pee right there!

....you're the one that read this entire post because you love me like I love you!

Blessings!! Jan


Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/) said...

me? me? LOL

You're a blessing to us!!!!!!!!!!

(Hope your son's team wins tonight!!!)


Mija said...

i just came by to catch up on your blessings (so many good ones too!) and saw that you were talking about me. wink wink of course we get you sweetie, we're one and the same! mixed media artists are of the same mind, woven from the same cloth, escaped from the same looney bin. he he okay, i won't claim anyone elses crazies but my own... but you get my point. isn't it great to be understood?! it Is a fantastic blessing!

your sons are handsome darlings (i look forward to hearing about Blake?) and i'm thrilled to hear your zonin' again. how precious to see the little egg tag i created on your blog. i'm glad you love it so. can't wait to see more of that house book!

hope things are lookin' up sweet cheeks. he he

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / thomranch@hctc.net said...

I'm going to totally miss this "blessings every day" month! I love blessings and being blessed as both of you have done here! jan

Loudlife said...

Oh,I hope one of them is me! I, too, smile whenever I see your name on my comments or my inbox. I'm thankful for YOU, as I am positive many other people are as well.

Happy Day to you, Jan-


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