Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Whew! I'm pooped!....It's a happy poop (that sounds wrong), but I am still pooped! I stood in the kitchen all afternoon getting the cooking and baking done for tomorrow's Day of Thanks meal - I made FROM SCRATCH (I'm so proud that I still cook from scratch) this cherry pie that Brittany is holding (more about her in a minute) - made the crust, the filling, all of it, from scratch, and it is such an amazing pie, I tell ya.
I made the dressing for tomorrow - oh, yeah, straight from Oklahoma where they know how to make dressing.....cornbread dressing - mom's recipe. OMG, it is to die for and I just about do because I feel like I'm gunna pop after I eat T.G. dinner and I blame it on my consumption of the dressing! And, I made an apple cake - my grandma's recipe, for the guys to eat on tonight (I'm calling it "supper") Yum, yum, yum, the sights and smells of my kitchen had everyone coming over.....
So, by now you probably think you know what my blessing is for today but I betcha you're wrong..... TODAY I AM BLESSED BY A VISIT FROM MY LITTLE GIRL, BRAT. .....that's what I call her....."my little girl", oh, and "Brat". I've called her Brat since she was little and she's been my little girl for a few years now. I love her like my own (thus "my little girl") and though she's really NOT a Brat, it stuck after the first time I called her that!
She's Blake's age, 20, and has been his best friend forever. And, she's been a part of our family for what seems like forever, but she and I started getting close when she started working for me in the studio about three or four years ago.
We have such a good time together....she's a hoot, we love spending time just hanging out in the studio, going to movies, talking, taking rides in the convertible oh, and when I've been bed ridden, she'd come over and climb into my big ol' bed and we'll watch DVDs together - like "24" reruns (I own them all).
She's a dear and I adore her.
Friends have told me that I should have had a girl along with my three boys and I tell them,
"I do."

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the families that God made and to all of the families that He let US make! Jan

And I need to add a P.S. here -
P.S. I have one other "little girl" that I would be amiss if I didn't tell you about her.
Her name is Skyler and though she didn't come running over today when she smelled the cherry pie baking so she could have her picture taken for this post, she's just as dear to me as my Brat. Same age, same story except I didn't hook up with her until she started working for me in the studio about the same time Brat did - didn't know her before that.
Anyway, I'm thankful for both of my girls - Brat and Skyler - they're amazing kids!


Shelly @ thePINKbarn said...

happy thanksgiving janny poo!! :-)

taylorrenee said...

Awww.....that's so sweet!!!

*Brat* said...

I am honored to be one of your blessings!! A little upset that I didnt get it all to myself. (Skyler) But I guess it will suffice. Hahhaah! Love you!


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